Fast results when every second counts

Ingenious internal gas flow management directs the process gas instantly to the highly responsive microwing.

Compared to its predecessor the internal chamber volume is reduced by a factor of three. Completely redesigned gas paths and optimized drillings result in a rapid gas exchange. With its optimized design the new Magnos28 facilitates more than 15% improvement in response time.

A special version with a rise time less than 1.3 seconds makes the analyzer one of the fastest among magneto-mechanical oxygen sensors. A minimum gas flow of only 0.15 l/min is required, to which the analyzer can easily be adapted. This makes the analyzer the perfect choice for measurements with rapidly changing oxygen concentrations.

What does it mean for you?

Tighter and faster control of your process and safety critical applications especially for processes with rapidly changing oxygen concentrations.

Kombi Magnos28

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