Revolutionary new microwing technology

Silicon based microwing takes paramagnetic oxygen measurement to the next level of performance.

The Magnos28 introduces a fundamental revision of the sensor design. The patent-pending microwing replaces the glass dumbbell with its circuit path, mirror, mounting and taring weights as an all-in-one device without any additional attachments.

Applying the latest semiconductor based production technologies, multiple sensors are manufactured on a wafer slice – a completely new approach to magneto-mechanical oxygen measurement. Absolutely reproducible silicon sensor elements, the microwing, are the basis for a product which promises greatly improved repeatability and precision.

Ideally suited to paramagnetic oxygen measurement, the microwing sensor reacts very accurately to oxygen concentration changes due to its very low mass, high width-to-thickness ratio and optimized magnetic field distribution in the measurement position.

What does it mean for you?

Trust in unrivalled repeatability and precision of measurement and have confidence that you are controlling your process with the latest technology.

Kombi Magnos28

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