Refined for challenging applications

Careful selection of inert materials minimizes drift and significantly improves solvent resistance.

The new sensor allows for the measurement of a wide variety of solvents and corrosive gases. Neither glue nor lead solders interfere with the reliability of the measurement and sensitive parts of the internal chamber like the pole shoes are protected by specially selected coatings. With improved drift stability and the possibility to realize very low ranges of 0…0.5 vol%, Magnos28 stretches the limits of paramagnetic oxygen measurement.

Moisture influence is drastically reduced and no longer restricts sensitive measurement tasks at very low oxygen concentrations. At typical temperatures the moisture influence is within the detection limits of the instrument. The new sensor also measures the pure magnetic properties of dia- and paramagnetic gases – matching the physical values almost without deviation. All this leads to improved sensitivity and selectivity at very low oxygen concentrations.

What does it mean for you?

Robust and reliable sensor reduces downtime and allows you to focus on your business while providing increased sensitivity and selectivity for complex gas streams.


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